Evac+Chair 300H
Evac+Chair 300H
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Evac+Chair 300H

Evac+Chair 300H

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The Evac+Chair® 300H featuring 400lbs weight capacity and single person operation.

The EVAC+CHAIR® 300H (MK4) is a highly innovative emergency stair chair solution that permits the safe egress of mobility impaired persons from a building in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Whether it’s a fire, a tornado, or even a simple power outage, it’s not safe to use an elevator when conditions are critical. We have the perfect solution! This lightweight emergency stair chair model weighs in at only 19lbs and safely transports patients who may not be able to go up or down the stairs on their own. Designed for single-person operation, the EVAC+CHAIR® 300H features a 400lb. weight capacity, a dual-position seat, and a blue powder coated textured finish with a contrasting fire retardant yellow hammock.



1. Adjustable patient head restraint

Limits movement, securing the passenger in place

2. Friction tracks (Evac+Track technology)

The self braking reinforced tracks control speed of descent for easy single person operation

3. Ergonomic adjustable handle

For ease of deployment and compact storage

4. Reflective decals

For easy identification in situations of poor visibility

5. Quick release safety belts (Head, Chest, Thigh)

For increased passenger safety and security

6. Heavy duty wheels

Ideal for operation over uneven terrain

7. Lockable rear wheels

Can be applied in situations where the chair needs to remain in a stationary position

8. Dual position seat

Dual position seat allows the user to decide each time which seating position they desire

    • Designed in the US
    • FDA Registered
    • Provides a quick, easy and safe emergency evacuation
    • Easy to use
    • One person operation
    • Lightweight
    • No heavy lifting required
    • Enables small attendants to easily move passengers three times their size
    • Easy to open, ready to use in seconds
    • Folds for compact storage
    • Exceeds fire safety requirements and emergency response
      guidelines established to support he Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Satisfies American Disabilities Association (ADA) requirements for accessible means of egress in a building, per ADA guidelines ADAAG 4.1.3(9), 4.3.10
    • Wall mountable
    • 3 Passenger Safety Belts (Head, Chest, Thigh)
    • Photoluminescent Signage
    • Wall Mounting Brackets
    • Dust Cover
    • User Guide
    • Instructional DVD

        Folded Dimensions:
        Height 41 inches
        Width 20 inches
        Depth 8 inches
        Weight 19lbs
        Weight Capacity 400lbs

        Satisfies American Disabilities Association (ADA) requirements for accessible means of egress in a building, per ADA guidelines ADAAG 4.1.3(9), 4.3.10 



        LIFETIME Warranty - More info available here.