AED Rentals


Effective AED programs are designed to deliver shock within 3 minutes of collapse. We maintain every aspect of your AED to ensure you are able to provide help in time.

AEDs are a very important part of the total response to sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and it claims approximately 365,000 lives in North America each year.




At Premier Emergency Preparedness we are committed to helping you place AED devices and implement AED programs in your community, even on a tight budget. Our AED rental program enables you to have a reliable, life-saving AED for your event, home, work, school, and other public spaces.

Organizations Who Frequently Rent an AED:

  • Special Events
  • Summer Camps
  • Races
  • Summer Pools
  • Sports Leagues
  • Boat Races
  • Health Clubs
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • At-Risk People

Do you have questions about whether you should rent an AED? We can help!


Benefits of Renting an AED from Premier Emergency Preparedness

  • 100% Deductible Expense
  • Quick & Easy
  • Conserves Working Capital
  • AED365 Program Management Included (on monthly rentals)
  • Never Pay for Repairs – Your Rental AED Is ALWAYS Under Warranty
  • All Pads and Batteries for Your Rental AED Replaced at No Charge (for any attempted resuscitation)
  • It's All Included:
    • Adult Pads
    • Pediatric Pads
    • Carrying Case
    • Rescue Ready Kit 
      • 2 Pairs Hypoallergenic Nitrile Gloves
      • 1 Pocket Breathing Mask
      • 1 Paramedic Scissors
      • 1 Razor
      • 1 Large Extra-Absorbent Paper Towel
  • Simple, Low Rental Prices
    • Convenient Monthly Credit Card Payment on the Date of Your Choosing (for monthly rentals)
  • Post-Event Loaner (with overnight shipping) and Event Download Included
  • Site Analysis to Assist with Rental AED Placement
    • Virtual site analysis available for those outside of the Omaha, NE metro area
Premier Emergency Preparedness offers AED rentals, a low-cost alternative to buying an AED. Reserve an AED for the timeframe you need, find out your pricing below and return your AED in good condition!


Renting is ideal for the organization or individual that wants an AED program without a lot of coordination hassles.



  • 1 day: $120

  • 3 days: $200

  • Weekly: $250

  • Monthly: $350

Shipping Price:

  • 3-5 business days: Free

  • 3 Day Shipping: $30

  • Two Day Shipping: $50

  • Overnight Shipping: $75

How the Rental Process Works

 Determine how long you need to rent an AED. At Premier Emergency Preparedness, you only pay for when the unit is in service.

 Call/email us to receive an AED Rental Agreement. You can also fill out the form below to expedite the process. Our simple AED Rental Agreement makes the rental process easy!

 Sign and return the AED Rental Agreement. We will charge your credit/debit card or draft ACH (preferred) and ship your unit ground UPS unless otherwise specified.

 Your unit will arrive with an instruction sheet. Follow the simple instructions and you’re all set!

 When your event is over, follow the return instructions, and attach the enclosed return mailing label. That’s it!

Why Premier Emergency Preparedness??

Premier Emergency Preparedness is a national leader in emergency prevention and an ardent advocate in the fight against Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Through our complete cardiac solution, we supply consultation, equipment and end-to-end training. We are an authorized distributor of all FDA-approved defibrillator devices and for this reason, we provide customers the best value in the industry for new, recertified and leased equipment. We also offer training courses nationwide, along with state-of-the-art program management to fully support our customers' safety programs. 


The Not-So-Fine Print:

All rentals, regardless of days rented, require a $250 security deposit in addition to the cost of the rental and applicable shipping. The security deposit will be returned once we receive the AED and assess any damage above normal wear-and-tear. Additional charges may apply for:

  • excessive physical damage (dents, tears, etc). 
  • functional damage
  • missing or used pads, missing batteries, damaged cases. Pads and batteries used during a rescue are exempt. 

    Transit times will not be charged against you. Charging period will begin as scheduled (even if the AED arrives ahead of time) and end once the AED is shipped from your location.

    AEDs must be shipped back (we provide the return shipping label) within two business days or you will be charged a daily fee. For example, if your original rental agreement for an AED is for 1 week (Original Price would be $250) but the shipping carrier does not receive the AED within two business days of your final rental period date, you will be charged $120 per day until the shipping carrier receives the package.