Security Services

Let our team of attentive and highly trained guards put your mind at ease. Our employees are highly trained security and executive protection individuals from law enforcement and military backgrounds. We can provide you with exactly the type of security you're looking for.

Premier Emergency Preparedness is your single source for a coordinated team that includes executive protection, loss prevention, media spokespersons, plainclothes officers, uniformed security and armed law enforcement officers. Sometimes the best way to be prepared for an emergency is to prevent it!

To speak with one of our security specialists please email a description of your needs to or give us a call at 402-431-2510 today!


Houses of Worship

The guiding values of Premier Emergency Preparedness are transparent, unapologetic, and invariably Christ-centered. We work with all faiths to prepare your house of worship against overcoming evil. 

Church safety and security, or emergency preparedness, is an intentional process of action on our part and should be based in faith and managed in action. 

Is this really necessary? In short, YES! From 1/1/99-1/31/18, there have been 1,727 deadly force incidents at Faith-Based Organizations in the United States (Carl Chinn, Faith Based Security Network).

Unfortunately this number has been increasing in recent years with an influx of mass shootings at houses of worship, which have always been referred to as soft targets.

While everyone is facing forward in their pews, our team will stand on watch because the people in your care and the amenities they have funded with their contributions are worthy of intentional care. 

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Event Security

We will work with you to make a plan that is customized for your event. 

Our team has handled all types of events including:

  • Weddings and private parties
  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Corporate events
  • Presidential debates and political rallies
  • Parades
  • ...and more!

Dedicated Site Security

A dedicated security presence sends a clear message that you take your security and emergency preparedness seriously and value the safety of your staff/customers and assets. Sometimes the best way to be prepared for an emergency is to prevent it!

If you need short-term or long-term dedicated presence at your business or residence, Premier Emergency Preparedness provides the security you need for peace of mind. Our team of highly-trained security and law enforcement officers monitor and patrol your property, ready to respond quickly and effectively in any situation. Our officers may be uniformed or undercover and will be trained to your specific needs (including but not limited to proactive foot and/or vehicle patrols, interacting with those on-site making constant observations, responding to calls for service, and completing daily reports to review incidents and help you evaluate the effectiveness of your security program. 

All of our security and law enforcement officers are trained in CPR/AED and First Aid.

Our team has experience providing dedicated site security for:

  • Hotels
  • Industrial facilities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Corporate Businesses (big and small)
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings (including court houses)
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Single Family Homes

Patrol Services

Sometimes the best way to be prepared for an emergency is to prevent it! Preventative patrols are a cost-effective alternative to dedicated on-site security officers. Our uniformed security officers drive well-marked security vehicles and can help enhance safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property or at your facility. Our services are customized to meet your needs. 

Peace of mind is important when you hire someone to complete a job and you aren't there to observe it. We provide you with detailed accounts of each patrol including written reports, activity logs, and incident reports when our officers detect anything out of the ordinary. 

We provide patrol services for all types of business in the Omaha, NE metro area including:

  • Houses of Worship
  • Apartment complexes
  • HOAs
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Businesses (commercial offices, auto dealerships, retail, self storage, banks, etc)
  • ...and more!

Bodyguard and VIP Protection

Our executive protection team members are carefully chosen and come from law enforcement, military and private security. Our agents are specially trained to confront challenges, mitigate risks, anticipate threats, deescalate potentially harmful situations, and solve any problems that may arise discreetly and appropriately.  We meticulously coordinate our clients' needs and coordinate with local law enforcement, executive protection agents, and venue managers eliminating any surprises. 

You are your greatest asset. Allow us to make sure you're protected, no matter where you may be. 

We are repeatedly hired to protect:

  • Pastors
  • Executives and corporate officers
  • Famous entertainers and celebrities
  • Athletes
  • News corespondents
  • Witnesses involved in court cases (and their families)
  • Politicians, Diplomats and Dignitaries

Alarm Response

You made a wise investment to have a security system installed on your property, but what happens when it goes off? It is potentially dangerous and not always possible for business owners and property key holders to respond quickly when an alarm is triggered. Unfortunately, security alarms are not a priority for local law enforcement and many municipalities have a fee for false alarms (anywhere from $50-300 per incident!).  

Premier Emergency Preparedness can supplement your alarm system with our 24/7 alarm response service. Once an alarm is triggered, an automated signal is sent to our monitoring center and we immediately dispatch our nearest response unit to the location of the call, eliminating any risk to you or your staff. Our mobile unit will quickly be on the scene and carry out a detailed site inspection of the property to make sure everything is secure. We will provide you with a full incident report outlining the details and the events of the alarm. 

We have responded to alarms at:

  • Houses of Worship
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Parks, Strip Malls and Plazas
  • Construction Sites
  • Warehouses
  • Gated Communities and private residences
  • Storage Facilities
  • ...and more!

To speak with one of our security specialists please email a description of your needs to or give us a call at 402-431-2510 today!