Emergency Preparedness

Assessing Capabilities & Risks

Often clients come to us without an accurate sense of their capabilities or vulnerabilities. In emergency management, being unaware can be dangerous or life-threatening.

It is important to understand your family's or organization’s capabilities related to emergency preparedness; this is the baseline for solid planning.

We like to first start with a comprehensive risk and threat assessment. You might be surprised how many vulnerabilities go unnoticed by the general population. 

Premier Emergency Preparedness has extensive experience in devising and conducting thorough capabilities assessments assists families, business and churches to determine their current risks in the event of disaster. 


The Premier Emergency Preparedness team is adept at developing both hazard specific and multi-hazard plans for all phases of an emergency, from mitigation to response, and beyond into recovery and resilience. Engaging critical stakeholders with innovative solutions related to planning, technology, and social media allows our team to develop unique plans, specific guidance for activating these plans, and a strategy for the client’s path forward.

Leadership Decision-Making

The optimal time to make good, strategic decisions is usually not in the midst of a crisis. Premier Emergency Preparedness works with executives and leadership team members to better prepare for these times by developing guidelines for your specific operations and organizations. 

Training & Exercising

Training and exercising are foundational activities; they ensure emergency plans are workable, complete, and understood by those tasked with implementing them. It is essential to train and exercise the people and organizations to be called upon during an emergency. Skills need to be refreshed, refined, and learned; roles need to be clearly assigned and embraced. Exercising empowers people to make decisions and mistakes in a safe environment, and to learn from the experience.

All of our exercises are consistent with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Doctrine and many of the Premier Emergency Preparedness professionals are HSEEP-certified. 


Premier Emergency Preparedness provides strategic guidance for effective future planning and resource procurement at the conclusion of both planning and training efforts. Often, identified next steps are prioritized in terms of need, and range from low/no-cost solutions to those requiring special funding. Where possible, Premier Emergency Preparedness provides insight about how to continue to prepare for disasters, as well as how to leverage financial assistance to promote such preparedness.